Join the franchise Euronics means to rely on a leading international


The chain for your purchases of electronic products Amazon Marketplace is one of the largest groups in Europe : it is present in 31 countries, with 6,400 dealers, 11,500 specialty shops and more than 50,000 employees.In Italy operates a distribution network that covers the entire national territory.

Euronics Italy offers three different sizes of outlet for your project:

Euronics : outlets over the 801 square meters, located primarily in shopping centers / retail parks as well as in stand-alone formula, with the presence of all product categories in the industry.Euronics City outlets from 350 to 800 square meters located in large and medium cities and districts of large cities. There are shops with a preponderance of electronics.

Euronics Point: sales outlets from 150 to 349 square meters located in the municipalities of small to medium size and with a presence in the sector of traditional product categories, such as large appliances and audio / video.In all Euronics shops franchise you can find articles of electronics, appliances, computers, telephones of the best brands on the market.To open a new store the Mother House provides a venue that can cater to a catchment area of at least 20,000 inhabitants.

Partnering with Euronics means to be part of a leading group in Italy and internationally.

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Franchising in Italy


Marville, franchise expansion abroad. The easywear for the man always in fashion. Marville was born as a project of total look man.

The universe of values refer clothing company is the Canadian lifestyle, which binds the undeniable taste of Italian design to dream mood of the boundless lands Canadians. Marville ‘s collections are designed for leisure but perfect for everyday life.

Since 2007 the company has embarked on the path of the franchise with the opening of outlets in town centers in major towns and in the best shopping malls and selected. Now Marville has various outlets and a prestigious flagship store in the heart of Milan. The spaces of the shops are dedicated to the male universe, which combine style and design, tradition and innovation.

Malville has plans to expand abroad, thanks to an agreement signed with BRD Consulting, will arrive especially in English-speaking countries and Hispanics, not to mention eastern countries such as Russia, Middle East, Japan and South American countries such as Mexico and Brazil. Marville focusing on ad campaigns for Fall Winter 2013/2014 is planning a schedule in leading newspapers to target, even in all the boutiques and flagship Marville within a selected group of multi-brand stores.

Bread and Pizza franchise

With Panizzeria eat only good things The Panizzeria represents a new way of being oven : just cooked products in sight! The company has made a complete makeover to ensure an adequate presence on the market and the current economic environment to provide customers with a design in step with the times, without altering the philosophy which began operating in 2001.

The Panizzeria bases its business on a careful selection of the best products of Italian bakeries with national and regional recipes designed with care and wisdom from experienced and qualified engineers.

Guru is the franchise of clothing for young people


The brand for those who love dressing up fun. The brand Guru was born back in 1999, when Matteo Cambi and Gian Maria Montacchini began in Parma a small production of T-shirts and sweatshirts. Success came quickly, thanks to the irreverent prints and enjoyed the taste, as well as evocative and ironic name given to the line. The collections of clothing are designed for a younger audience and with the desire to have fun.

the Guru, a few years later, in 2003, he also created the brand Guru Gang Children aged 4 to 16 years old.

Now the company with all its lines is able to meet the needs of a wider target:

  • Guru – T-Shirts, Hoodies, Shoes,
  • Guru Gang – Clothing Junior (4-16 years)
  • Baby Guru Gang – Clothing Junior (0-3 years)
  • Blue Blood – Jeans
  • G’99 – Sportswear
  • logo -Guru

The company operates flagship stores, corners and outlets in Italy and in Europe.The brand Guru is also distributed by over 3,000 multibrand stores worldwide.The new collection GuruFall Winter 2013-2014, to emphasize the international character of the brand, draws its inspiration from the most exclusive resorts in America. To open a new store franchise Guru even in your city access to the site and put in touch with the franchisor.